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Biomox Building Biomox Pharmaceuticals’ premises, purchased in February 2002, to fully address the production requirements of its’ clients, is ever again being expanded. This building has been specifically adapted so as to fulfil all the necessary GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) as well as the European (PICS) standards requirements. This U-shaped building houses the administration and financial departments in the front section of the building, while the main production area is situated in the rear of the building. The flow in the building has been specifically designed so as to ensure no cross-over effect and minimises the possibility of contamination. Each piece of manufacturing equipment is situated in its’ own separate enclosure, with large glass doors so that inspection and supervision of manufacturing can take place more effectively.

This functional building is situated in the industrial section of Pretoria, the capital of South Africa, and close to the heartland of the industries of the country. It is close to the major highways and is easily accessible.(See map)

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